And the second new color 2017/2018 is ...

A few weeks ago, the new Pink praline shade appeared in the Fermob color chart. This time, it is an equally powerful but colder hue that makes its entrance! Discover our inspirations around this new blue.

Deep blue

In combination with neutral and bold colours, Deep Blue is a fantastically subtle tone, ideal for chic settings that are in tune with the times. It also looks great alongside verdant and blue-tinged shades, creating a serene, elegant look, indoors or outdoors.

I should like the fields tinged with red
and the trees painted blue.”

This deep, intense shade – at the intersection of modernity and the natural world – is the latest stunning addition to the Fermob colour chart.

Our color combinations with Deep blue

Trio "Travel": Plum, Deep blue and Storm grey - Trio "Mediterranean": Turquoise, Deep blue and Lagoon blue.

Trio "Contemporary": Capucine, Deep blue and Storm grey - Trio "Aquatic": Verbena, Deep blue and Lagoon blue.

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