A colourful expo at Bamberg's Landesgartenschau


You might think it was a huge land art installation, but you'd be wrong! Come and take a peek behind the scenes as the Landesgartenschau ("national garden exhibition", for other non-German speakers like me!) takes shape.

It will run from 26th April to 7th October 2012, in Bamberg, Germany.

This off-the-wall outdoor event aims to redevelop an industrial site by using green spaces, all within the context of sustainable development. The organisers are relying on multicoloured furniture and various activities and installations, such as water features, relaxation areas, performance areas and concerts, to achieve the desired atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. Local residents are being invited to enjoy all these features and make the space their own.
Fermob is getting involved through our German retailer, Mohrenhaus. We'll bring you some pictures soon on the installation and all the exhibition's highlights.
You can also take a look at some other public spaces where furniture and colour have been used to brighten up the space and make it more open and accessible:
Bryant Park in New York

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