Exotic trend with the "Envie d'Ailleurs" collection

The patterns of Fermob’s “Envie d’Ailleurs” collection will take you on a journey around the world... without ever leaving your own garden.

Envie d'Ailleurs bringing the exotic to you

This collection, launched in 2016, is inspired by travel. It embodies the stalls of tropical markets, the craftsmanship of far-flung lands, and the joyous symphony of colours. It makes you want to escape to exotic destinations without ever leaving the comfort of your garden. These accessories – part of the Les Pièces Rapportées collection – add a touch of brightness... indoors and outdoors!
In 2017, the collection will be available in a mosaic of greensJade green, turquoise blue, “Greenery” green (the colour of the year 2017 according to Pantone), opaline green... a range of green shades evoking heathland hues and resonating with Fermob’s new furniture colours.
The Melons, Pastèques and Bananes patterns conjure up exoticism and a tropical market setting.

Small pieces that are big on relaxation!

The collection features a range of textile products, with outdoor cushions of different sizes that are great for an improvised siesta in the garden or by the pool. The cushions, manufactured from French-made fabrics, are soft and luxuriant. The large 70 x 70 cm versions come with a coated fabric that makes them suited to any surface, wet or dry – and it means they’re easy to clean, too!

Exotic trend: a brilliant blend of green and turquoise!

Shall we continue the journey? View our “Exotic trend” moodboard on Pinterest:

What about you, where are you dreaming of?


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