Fermob brings light into the garden with Balad

Balad – the essential outdoor lamp by Fermob – is a design-inspired, colourful product that has a diverse range of clever uses. It's already making a splash!

With Balad, Fermob makes its highly visible entrance into the world of lighting and affirms its positioning as a designer and beautifier of our outdoor spaces.

As we all know, Fermob has established a long-standing reputation as a manufacturer of happy garden furniture. For the last three years, the brand has been turning its unique creativity and DNA towards new products, moving away from its traditional know-how, metal. This movement began with the creation of a range of ultra-trendy cushions and mats, then continued with the introduction of table accessories such as placemats and trivets. Fermob then turned its attentions to rugs, showers and planters, before unveiling its very latest addition – a range of lighting products created to the same exacting outdoor standards. In these new areas, its values find expression in the creation of comfortable, enchanted worlds, marked by colour, design and joyfulness.

This year Balad, the first in a series of lamps, takes the limelight. Balad will soon be available in a range of sizes (I'm told that the H38 cm version will be released in the next few weeks) and a variety of configurations, including two new stands – a lamp post style stand, and an offset stand that will be perfect for bringing light to the middle of a large dining table! What's more, it features a colourful handle (choice of six colours) that alludes to the shape of a headset, allowing you to coordinate your lamp with your furniture. Balad can be hung, placed on a stand or taken to the bottom of the garden. In short, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With its nomadic spirit and stylish looks, Balad is the perfect addition to any space, inside and out!

More information about Balad lighting...

Balad features a white LED light that is both economical and instant. It doesn't need to stay plugged in because it has a battery life of up to 12 hours, and can be recharged with its simple USB cable.

Balad H25 offers two levels of lighting, giving two different kinds of ambiance for a variety of settings: intense lighting to dine by or to explore the bottom of the garden, and soft light for a nightcap on the terrace or for a "candlelight" meal.

It's also set to be a firm favourite, since it costs just €68.
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