The home decoration trade show continues to surprise me, even after 20 years!

 This year Scandinavian design was once again at the forefront, remaining the dominant trend for several seasons now. Yet a brand new trend is beginning to emerge, heralding the resurgence of more traditional materials such as brass, metal and especially gold. Despite what you might think, this is not a “bling bling” trend. Instead, gold can be found subtly placed on a brushed steel lamp, on attractive placemats (such as those on display at the Ferm Living stand), on crockery and even on storage boxes. Gold is making a major comeback, joining forces with popular colours such as duck egg blue, dark green and crimson.

Indeed, as demonstrated in the Precious exhibition by Elisabeth Leriche (the ultimate trend-setter), luxury is making its way back into our homes. Yet it is a comeback that is resolutely more discreet and contemporary than in times gone by. This year, it’s all about going for chic yet soft materials.

There is also something of a “pseudo-DIY” trend emerging, with many brands allowing consumers to create their very own items themselves. A prime example is Fatboy, which has released Candyofnie – a range of lamp modules that consumers can use to build a piece to their personal tastes. These multi-coloured, sweet-shaped, translucent plastic items create a truly unique look!

My personal favourites are the clip-on modules from ADD+, which you can affix to your wall to create your very own configuration. With so many colours, functions and combinations to choose from, you truly can have the furniture of your dreams! Appearing soon in home decoration magazines!

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